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DDUB delivers a comprehensive localization solution for TV and other entertainment content, including Dubbing, Voice Over, Translation, and Subtitles.


Our top industry professionals and their wide-ranging expertise bring you your one -stop-shop for production localization. Services include:



Sound design mixing


Foreign language casting


Play-backs / qc



Sound editing

Music productions


Our global network of talented professionals assures superior results, every time.

We work with the very best ...

-           Actors

-           Narrators

-           Translators

who are…

-           native-speakers of the target languages

-           experienced in TV, radio, film, and theater

-           sensitive to and able to reproduce subtle cultural shadings

Our capable team assures that nothing is lost - or added - in translation.

Our global network also includes fully-equipped studios operated by skilled professionals, utilizing the most up-to-date technologies.

At DDUB, quality control is a top priority, ensuring consistently excellent results that meet the strict requirements of major TV studios and other global media firms.

We offer the expertise, experience, dedication, global network, and technology that assure you of dependably high quality, in-territory localization in any language, anywhere in the world, for TV and other media.


We are so sure that you will be completely satisfied with our work that we will dub a portion of your content as a demo, FREE OF CHARGE !