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Ohad Tzachar, Partner and CEO, has enjoyed a long and illustrious career in the sound engineering industry, specializing in sound for TV, film and music productions. Prior to co-founding DDUB, Mr. Tzachar established Psychoacoustics , an international studio for mixing and sound design for TV.  Prior to this, Mr. Tzachar set up the audio department at 4Kids Productions in NYC, where he was responsible for and worked on many hit shows, including Yu-Gi-Oh. Pokemon, TM & T, Kirby, Sonic. He has worked on award-winning albums and major TV series, significantly influencing the character of each project.


Ami Offir, Partner, is an experienced studios manager / owner who have successfully run large sound studios, accumulating thousands of hours of experience working with large corporations.  In addition, he is an exceptional musician and sound engineer and has worked as the supervisor for hundreds of dubbing projects for animation and live series.


Tal Yardeni, Partner, is a studio owner, skilled composer and highly respected producer of music for TV. Among his latest works are productions of "The Comedy Store", "Cause of Death - Murder", "Peter Pan", and "The Three Musketeers".  Mr. Yardeni has created original scores for TV series, popular jingles for radio and TV commercials, and music for films - which won prizes in International Film Festivals.