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Introducing a new level of precision, accuracy, and subtlety to the realm of content localization.




DDUB, a division of DUBI-DUB, is a full service localization company, providing integrated dubbing, subtitling, and translation and recording services for the entertainment industry, worldwide.


At DDUB, we have a profound and personal appreciation for the critical importance of content to the world of broadcast syndication and the need for that content to be professionally localized, within budget, and available for just-in-time global distribution.


In addition to our wide-ranging familiarity with all areas of localization, we have amassed special knowledge and extensive hands-on experience with Television localization.


Created as a one-stop-shop, we deliver comprehensive, high quality, cost-effective localization solutions, including full project management services, tailored to the precise needs of each individual client for TV (from a complete channel to a single series), film, etc.


We have the media savvy and the mix of capabilities that enable us to respond quickly to dynamic and often unusual situations.




Our services are backed by our decades of experience, multi-disciplinary expertise, and state-of-the-art studios, equipment and technology. 


The exceptionally qualified associates in our global network are all recognized in their home countries as experts in their fields - and have consistently proven their professionalism and dedication to excellence, as well as their allegiance to nuance and subtlety.


We employ the best actors and narrators, all native-speaking professionals in the target languages, whose backgrounds include TV, film, radio and theater. Providing a wide selection of voices, vocal styles and ages, they pay special attention to the cultural shadings required for each unique script.


Likewise, we work with only the best translators - experienced, professional, native speakers with expertise in the Television industry who take great pride in their work.


Our global network of state-of-the-art studios is operated by experienced professionals, utilizing the most up-to-date technologies.


In addition, our strictly enforced quality control procedures ensure the finest possible end-products - often considered even better than the original!


DDUB is uniquely capable of bridging cultures, utilizing our team's unmatched skills to achieve superior results.


Taken together, our experience, expertise, dedication, technology, and procedures ensure top quality in-territory implementation in any language, anywhere in the world, for any content localization.


Specialized Know-How


Over the years, we have accumulated specialized know-how in all aspects of sound production, and can meet your most complex recording needs in our cutting-edge studios.


We have also amassed considerable expertise in the localization of animated programming, and have extensive familiarity with children's channels, whose content we have localized to dozens of languages.


Areas of Activity


Our services include  

-           DUBBING

-           TRANSLATION

-           RECORDINGS

-           MIXING

-           SOUND EDITING



-           PLAY-BACKS

-           SUBTITLING


                                 for a wide range of applications, such as:






-     MOBILE

-     RADIO